An extensive amount of research has been conducted over the years by a number of sources that validates the success of the Quantum Learning methodology. You can link to a number of documents (see below) that encompass Quantum Learning research findings, the impact of achievement in multiple settings, as well as research documentation from a number of schools.

QL Research, Studies, and Observations downloads

Below are findings and comments excerpted from several pieces of research that have analyzed the performance of students who have been a part of Quantum Learning programs: 

“The Quantum Learning model demonstrated a consistent pattern of positive impact on student achievement in 18 schools in four states. This impact included statistically and educationally significant gains in reading, mathematics, writing and more comprehensive measures of core academic achievement. Students who have participated in schools implementing QL, have also shown a pattern of greater gains in achievement than comparison sample students not participating in the QL model.”

External Evaluator for Program Improvement Schools
William Benn and Associates, 2003

“With Quantum Learning, 17% of LD ISAT intensive math students met or exceeded the standards, compared to 0% in traditional classrooms.”

Masters Study
Aurora University, IL

“ The students identified as performing below grade level, without Quantum Learning, would have been placed in remedial Math. After attending a 22-day Quantum Learning Program, 67% passed Algebra, while only 62% of regular students passed.”

Masters Study
Thornton Township School District, IL

“After Quantum Learning, two out of three students increased their grades.”

Masters Study
Brock University, Canada

“97% of students felt that they learned better in classes taught with Quantum Learning methods.”

Paper presented at Eastern Educational Research Assoc. Conference
Tampa, FL

“After attending Quantum Learning Programs, there was an average 85.8 point gain on SAT scores. 98% of students with a 1.9 and lower GPA, improved their GPAs by an average of one letter grade. Overall students across the A-F range, increased their GPA by half a point.”

Doctoral Study
Northern Arizona University, AZ

“After Quantum Learning training, learning-challenged 8th graders earned their best GPAs average ever (only one D and no Fs).”

Case Studies
Northwood Middle School, IL

“After Quantum Learning, 98% of at-risk children have been successful in achieving average or above-average success in literacy acquisition skills and are no longer in need of special education.”

Action Research
Waterloo Region School District, Canada

“After attending Quantum Learning, 63% of low-performing students earned a GPA of 2.0 or higher.”

Case Studies, 1993
Grossmont Union School District, CA

“Students develop both emotional and physical trust. Students begin to understand themselves, becoming aware of personal attributes, feelings and thoughts.”

Doctoral Study California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno

“After Quantum Learning, students’ test-taking skills increased 35%. Teachers’ perceptions of student self-confidence were six times higher than before the program. Students reported an average of a 33% increase in their own self-confidence.”

Teacher and Student Surveys Encinitas Union School District, CA