About Us

We’re Passionate about Development That Matters

The educational landscape is constantly shifting.

But in the face of evolving technology and new state standards, one thing is certain—Quantum Learning is The Development That Matters.

Our professional and student development programs are driven by:

Our Passion for Learning

Our passion is contagious. We collaborate with you to accelerate your current initiatives and create a high-performance culture of student success. When teachers and students are engaged and excited to be in the classroom, higher-order thinking and retention come naturally.

Neuroscience Research

The brain has an innate craving to learn. The role of educators is to remove the obstacles that prevent the brain from learning and give it the support it needs to perform its job. We help you apply neuroscience to the classroom to do exactly that.

30 Years of Experience

Since 1982, Quantum Learning has impacted more than 100,000 educators and millions of students around the world. We bring years of experience—and years of results—to every student and teacher program we lead.