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If you’re looking to transform your school or make a significant impact district-wide in creating strong educational leaders, then look no further than Quantum Learning’s comprehensive professional development. Whether it’s our Excellence in Teaching or Administrator and Parent programs, our proven methods assist teachers in achieving the desired goal that students leave high school prepared for success in college and career with strong character and citizenship traits.

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All courses and workshops can be done live in-person, hybrid, or live virtually.

Excellence in Teaching

Professional Development Program • Three Courses

1. Essentials

Teachers discover what neuroscience reveals about the development of conceptual understanding and the impact of social-emotional factors on learning, gain a clear understanding of the Quantum Learning System, and practice applying new techniques in a supportive environment.

2. Classroom Culture & Management

Teachers dive deeper into the Quantum Learning System as they explore the prerequisites for an engaging, focused, and cognitive-rich classroom culture—one built on a sense of safety, support, and belonging.

3. Design & Delivery For Learning

Teachers deepen their understanding of how to design and deliver dynamic, engaging lessons. They return to their classrooms with practical ways to make today’s educational standards relevant to 21st century learners.

Implementation Support: Coaching & Certification

Through implementation support offered separately, teachers hone their craft with a variety of services, including classroom observation and personal coaching.

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