Special QL Conference Edition

“It was a fantastic conference where I gained new knowledge. Seeing other educators in action with their enthusiasm, passion, and love, definitely inspired me to do more for my class, staff, and school.”

 —Emily Tan Sock Su, Lead Teacher/Trainer, Taylor’s International Schools, Malaysia

“It was good to be reminded why we are doing what we are doing. I also learned from others and loved taking back best practices to implement at our school.”

Julie Hancock, Principal

If you missed the Conference – experience a bit of it here!

In this issue:

Quantum Learning Conference – February 2019

  • Opening, QL History, and QL Current
  • The QL System
  • QL Educator Presentations
    • QL Bite–But First, Love: Christine La Porte
    • What Makes a Difference?: Jenny Severson
    • Successful Guidelines for Giving Feedback: Cami Eiskamp
    • This Is It!: Shari Murphy
  • The World of QL – US and International
  • Awards
    • QL Maestro Awards
    • QL Krystal Key Awards
  • Closing Comments
  • Out & About – Summer Public Institutes
  • QL Programs, Products, and Resources

Attend a PUBLIC INSTITUTE this summer!

Oceanside, California

Family Character Development and Habits, June 15: Cami Eiskamp

Teaching Character Education, June 29: Cami Eiskamp

QL Essentials, June 24-25: Cheyenne Foster

QL Classroom Culture & Management, July 1-2: Cami Eiskamp

Crestwood, Illinois

QL Classroom Culture & Management, June 6-7: Shari Murphy

8 Keys Of Excellence, June 19-20: Shari Murphy


Quantum Learning Conference – Orchestrating Student Success: February 2019

In February this year we celebrated 30 years of QL Education with our first-of-its-kind QL Conference in Oceanside, California! More than 50 leaders—long-time US and international Quantum Learning partners—shared, discovered, learned, and celebrated!

“QL is a golden opportunity . . . to impact the future of true worldwide education.
Visionary education to serve an empowered future.”

         —Robyn Buck

See it . . . hear it . . . remember it.

This QL Conference overview will inspire you! Watch video

2019 QL Conference Welcome Committee!

Opening, QL History, and QL Current

Bobbi DePorter, QLN President, sharing how QL got started

Bobbi DePorter – Conference Opening Watch video

At the conference opening, Bobbi DePorter, co-founder of QLN, shared a bit of the QL history and how it started more than 40 years ago. Quantum Learning Network’s inspiration dates back to a business Bobbi joined in the 1970s that focused on relationships, being 100% responsible for your results, and working on personal development. This business was not only changing the lives of the principals, but the lives of their clients. When written up in a national magazine, the company drew a lot of attention. This positive endeavor eventually led to Bobbi cofounding a business school for entrepreneurs, which is where she connected with and learned from two legendary global thought leaders—Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Buckminister Fuller. READ MORE

QLN Now by the Numbers

  • Programs in 14 countries
  • More than 80,000 SuperCamp alumni
    including children of parents who attended years ago
  • Thousands of schools and districts utilizing Quantum Learning teaching methods
  • More than 100,000 teachers and millions of children estimated to be impacted by QL and the 8 Keys of Excellence

The QL System

The QL System is an educational system that orchestrates core components to achieve desired outcomes.

Each of the QL components has many strategies and, as we know, it’s the artful orchestration of these components and strategies that achieves our desired outcome. It’s all about knowing the why and masterfully orchestrating the components.

What is essential to Quantum Learning?

Bobbi shared QLN’s vision statement which includes
Facilitating a shift in learning. How do we do that?
The QL System! Which brought up . . . What is essential in QL?

When we asked conference participants What is essential to Quantum Learning? their responses appeared on a screen.

All these aspects are reflected in QL. What makes it all work, what brings the magic, and what brings the transformation is the orchestration of its four components.

Here’s what’s essential to Quantum Learning! READ MORE

Quantum Learning is about engaged, meaningful, joyous learning in an environment that enhances personal and academic success for all students.

The QL System develops both the culture of the classroom and the cognition level of students. It creates a shift in us as educators which causes a shift in student learning, as well as a shift in what students think about themselves and what’s possible for them.

Mark Reardon: The QL System includes components of culture and cognition.

Component Corners (Cheyenne Foster): The QL System comprises four core components, each with essential outcomes. During this activity many strategies were generated that help to achieve the essential outcomes.

QL Educator Presentations

“The sessions at the conference . . . dramatically improves your capacity for both teaching and learning.”
    —Eduardo Villanueva, INCIA Education DR

QL Bite: But First, Love – Christine LaPorte Watch video 17:00

Christine opens her heart and her classroom to provide us with a reminder that love is the primary role of educators. She challenges us to teach our content with love and to find out what our students love, elevate them for that, and make a connection with them. “What other choice do we have, but to love our students?”

What Makes A Difference? – Jenny Severson Watch video 5:06

Evidence-based practice truly matters. John Hattie's meta-analysis and work guides us to see many validating parts of QL: movement, attention to social-emotional learning, and also the power of collective teacher efficacy. All have effect sizes that are off the charts in gains (three years of gains in one year!) for teams and schools. This is where instructional leaders thrive, when they target a specific need with the right tools and effect size. And of course, a teacher’s masterful orchestration of strategies has significant impact on the strategy’s effectiveness.

Successful Guidelines for Giving Feedback – Cami Eiskamp Watch video 10:19

What makes feedback likely to land and be received and stick with us? Understanding our own relationship to feedback and assessing others’ relationship to feedback is useful so that we and others can learn and grow. Between the receiver and giver, is there (1) Rapport (likable, trust, intention) and (2) Credibility (believable, content, delivery)?

If we have rapport the receiver likes us, trusts us, and understands our positive intentions. We’re likely to hear and learn from them, even if it's difficult. If we don't have relationship, the giver needs to be credible, believable, knowledgeable, and skilled in their content and delivery. If there is not either of these, feedback is less likely to resonate.

When we receive difficult feedback, we go through “stages of transformation” (adapted from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's Stages of Grief: shock, anger, denial, reluctance and acceptance). Our own relationship with feedback and the source of the feedback determines if we move through these stages and learn from the feedback. (Kübler-Ross, E., & Kessler, D. (2005). On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss. Simon and Schuster)

This Is It! – Shari Murphy Watch video 3:07

THIS is it. What makes our home court advantage a home court advantage? What specifically does it look, sound and feel like? What specifically do we say and do to students? Students to one another? What’s the THIS that makes our home court an advantage for our students? Shari takes a deeper look at the evidence that determines our home court advantage such as specific feedback. Having a strong home court advantage opens the door for continual growth. Where am I on a scale from one to ten? What can I do to ensure I’m a 10?

The World of QL – U.S. and International

As partners from the US and abroad shared how QL influenced their success, participants were inspired by the partners’ courage and gained insights on how to strengthen their own success.

The World of QL – USA Watch video (This video is 38 minutes long. Segments are noted below by time.)

We heard from these long-term US Quantum Learning school districts:

  • Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Texas. Terry Bell
  • Sumner County Schools, Tennessee. Kathy Vinson
  • Thornton Township HS District, Illinois. Patti Brucki

Mark Reardon on the beginning and impact of Quantum Learning [0–1:06] and his introduction of the World of QL [1:07–6:43]

Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Texas. Terry Bell: Creating a Team of Site Facilitators [6:43 – 16:00]

Sumner County Schools, Tennessee. Kathy Vinson and Rachel Payne with Jenny Severson [16:02–19:38]

Thornton Township HS District, Illinois. Patti Brucki and team on the theme of “Each One Teach One” [19:40 – 38:00]

The World of QL – International Watch video

What does Quantum Learning mean in your sphere of influence? This is the question posed by Mark Reardon, with answers from our international partners. [0 – 3:05]

Our international partners from the Dominican Republic, Bermuda, and Malaysia gave powerful presentations of their QL journey and results:

  • Dominican Republic. Entrena (Saschia Seibel: Transforming After-School Literacy Programs with QL) [3:10 – 14:10]
  • Bermuda. Mirrors Programme (Jeanenne Todd: The 8 Keys of Excellence in Middle Schools) [14:22 – 29:40]
  • • Malaysia. Taylor’s Education (Valerie Tan Vee Yen, Emily Tan Sock Su: The Journey to Becoming a QL Distinguished School) [30:00 – 46:22]

Dominican Republic. Entrena, Saschia Seibel

QL partners from 10 countries attended the QL Conference.


QL Maestro Awards

The symphony maestro, or conductor, has been the icon of QL from its inception. The Maestro, just like teachers, orchestrates the interactions between the music (content) and the musicians (students) to create an astonishing performance. QL practitioners from the US, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, and Hong Kong were honored for their dedication and their sustained, high-level implementation of QL.

2019 Maestro Key Award recipients

Maestro Award Recipients:

  • Patti Brucki. Thornton Township, Illinois
  • Christine LaPorte. Cathedral High, California
  • Martin Zschoche. Bellevue Christian School, Washington
  • Becky Greer. Shawnee Heights School District, Kansas
  • Kimberly Jackson. Mirror Programme, Bermuda
  • Saschia Seibel. Entrena, Dominican Republic
  • Valerie Tan Vee Yen. Taylor’s International Schools, Puchong, Malaysia
  • Emily Tan Sock Su. Taylor’s International Schools, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Yolanda Yeh. Eight Keys Learning, Hong Kong

QL Krystal Key Awards

Quantum Learning Krystal Key Awards recognize schools and districts for their commitment and consistent implementation of Quantum Learning. Krystal Keys were awarded to six schools and districts. All of the recipients have partnered with Quantum Learning for more than a decade. As we teach in QL, high levels of learning take time and effort to practice, reflect and improve. The same is true for high levels of implementation of Quantum Learning. Mastery takes a systematic approach and ongoing practice to deepen one’s understanding at a core level, a level where we see the results in students’ joy, focus, and engagement in learning.

We celebrate these exceptional examples of QL excellence in teaching and learning, as we honor them with a Quantum Learning Krystal Key Award.

Krystal Keys!

2019 Krystal Key Award recipients

Krystal Key Award Recipients:

  • Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Texas. Accepted by Glenda Horner, Ed.D, Director for Staff Development
  • John Hancock Charter School, Utah. Accepted by Julie Adamic, Principal
  • Thornton Township High Schools District 205, Illinois. Accepted by Patti Brucki, Librarian, Teacher, Faculty Association Representative, QL Facilitator
  • Schaumburg School District 54, Illinois. Accepted by Ming Shelby, teacher, QL Facilitator
  • Sumner County Schools, Tennessee. Accepted by Kathy Vinson, Principal, and Rachel Payne, Teacher, QL Facilitator
  • Community Unit School District 300, Illinois. Accepted by Lindsay Jonas, Assistant Superintendent

In memory of Dr. Jennifer Brown, Sumner County Schools:

Jennifer Brown was a true champion of Quantum Learning. Her depth of understanding and level of commitment were second to none. She infused the energy and passion of QL in everything she did.

Jennifer Brown

Accepting Krystal Key Award for Sumner County on behalf of Dr. Jennifer Brown

Celebrations back home . . .

Here are a few photos we’ve received of award recipients celebrating their awards back home after the conference.

Cypress Fairbanks ISD celebrated their Krystal Key Award with faculty back home.

Thornton Township District 205 board meeting, Krystal Key Award presentation by Shari Murphy.

Live video interaction: Bobbi DePorter, Mark Reardon, and Jenny Severson with Cypress Fairbanks faculty.

Closing Comments

The 2019 Quantum Learning Conference was truly a one-of-its-kind gathering of passionate educators who value and effortlessly apply Quantum Learning to all they do. Here’s some of the closing shares:

Jenny Severson

Julie Adamic

Yolanda Yeh

And finally, here’s Steve Snyder’s summary of the conference . . .

“An awesome experience filled with wisdom and love.”
       —Steve Snyder

Out and About

Summer Public Institutes

Oceanside, California

Family Character Development and Habits, June 15: Cami Eiskamp

Teaching Character Education, June 29: Cami Eiskamp

QL Essentials, June 24-25: Cheyenne Foster

QL Classroom Culture & Management, July 1-2: Cami Eiskamp

Crestwood, Illinois

QL Classroom Culture & Management, June 6-7: Shari Murphy

8 Keys of Excellence, June 19-20: Shari Murphy


QL Programs, Products and Resources

A significant resource for educators is AASA, The School Superintendent Association, of which Quantum Learning is a proud partner. Read our article entitled “Ongoing Practice” in the March issue of the AASA School Administrator Magazine. www.pageturnpro.com/AASA/89042-March-2019/default.html#page/53.

Bring QL to your school or district. Information on QL programs, products, and resources for your school and classroom can be found at www.quantumlearning.com under What we offer.

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