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We bring families and teachers together to support student success.

Studies have shown that when parents are consistently involved with their children’s education, students are more likely to earn higher grades, achieve better test scores, and develop stronger social skills. No one knows this better than Quantum Learning. That’s why we’re offering to host your next parent/teacher conference to educate parents on the power they have over their child’s learning potential. Our complimentary Family Engagement Forum will teach parents some valuable techniques that they can practice at home with their children to make a real impact on their learning.

The absolutely free workshop lasts 30 to 45 minutes and covers powerful strategies parents can use to engage their children in a dynamic educational experience. Included are

  • positive study habits (Note Taking, Mind Mapping)
  • powerful communication (OTFD, 4-Part Apology)
  • strength of character (8 Keys of Excellence)

Sign up today to host this unique seminar at your school.

Call 800-285-3276, extension 199 for more information. Change the subject matter in your school or district into development that matters. Turn the page to Quantum Learning.